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              With the proliferation of social media, you might think that blogging does not matter anymore in book PR. However, blogging still provides unique value because it refreshes your keywords to Google. In my book pr work, I have found that writers resist blogging when they feel as if they are blogging to themselves. If that sounds like you, it may be because you do not optimize your blog posts.

               Optimizing your blog posts is like a game. Once you know how to play, it gets easier to win the search results you want. Here is how to optimize a blog post.


    Use Keywords for Best Book PR


            To optimize any post, use high ranking keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that tell the reader what your topic is. You can test your keywords for free using Google Ads Keyword Planner. Select keywords with low competition and high searches per month. Start blogging with your top 20 results as focus keywords, i.e. one focus keyword per blog post.

             Use your focus keyword all through your post, but especially in the title and first paragraph. Earn extra points by starting your title with a focus keyword and by using a new focus keyword for every blog post you write.


    Optimize your Blog Post Title


             The most important thing you can do to help Google find your post is to title it strategically. Begin the post’s title with your focus keyword if possible, and keep your title between 40 and 70 characters long.


    Tag your Post


              Tag your posts with keywords on your blog’s dashboard.


    Write Simply & Short


             Keep your language direct.  For a high Flesch Reading Ease score, use active voice, good syntax, and words that are easy to understand. Limit your sentences to 20 words or less, and keep your overall post length between 300 and 500 words.


    Include Hypertext and Images

                Include a few outbound links that help explain the concepts your post is covering, like the hyperlinks you see in this piece. Don’t forget an internal link that points back to something on your website.

                 Just as you do on Facebook, upload at least one image with every post. To increase your chances of being read,  alt tag your images and tag videos with your keywords.

               If you want blogging to feel more like a worthwhile book pr experience, and bring you followers, optimize your blog posts. Then check your blog’s analytics in 90 days. Your page rank and number of subscribers should be going up.






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