Judith Orloff’s bestseller Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom



Uplifting NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller 

by Judith Orloff MD

now available in paperback

Judith Orloff MD, a UCLA psychiatrist, presents her unique approach for viewing emotions as a path to spiritual and intuitive awakening. You’ll learn how to stop absorbing other people’s negativity and how to stay calm instead of reacting when your buttons get . Synthesizing neuroscience and intuitive/energy medicine, this book liberates you from fear—and the emotional vampires who suck you dry.

Click this link for a sneak peek at the book:

Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff video

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  1. Good morning Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing details about the paperback release of Emotional Freedom and about the special offer. Its a great book to help people improve the quality of their lives and learn to handle stress — and who doesn’t need to lessen the impact of stress on our lives.

    Nikki Leigh

  2. Great to see a fresh new, individual approach to this paralyzing condition!! So many women need this type of encouragement. Too many are ‘sucked dry.’ Happy to refer the book to folks. Also, would be thrilled to have Judith as a guest on Writing Strong Women (blogtalk radio interview program)
    Contact me!
    Sylvia Dickey Smith

  3. Sounds like a really interesting book.

    Sorry I’m late to the party, Stephanie. Didn’t see your email until today.

  4. Just ordered the book and tried to get the gift with purchase. I didn’t realize the limited time was just for Feb 28. I was looking forward to listening to some of the audio articles and more. . I read the email after Feb 28. Next time I’ll know it is for that date and time only. Look forward to your next event!
    I enjoy your articles, advice, and contests.

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