Stephanie Barko promotes professionally edited adult nonfiction & historical fiction, including how-to, history, career, business, biography, memoir, and self-help books.
Debut authors and spiritual manuscripts are especially welcome.

    • Book Platforms
      A matrix that lists a forum and following for your book in its first year of life. Includes issues and topics in the book, targets for endorsements and reviews, online strategy, e-press kit elements, tour logistics, author’s personal media campaign, and third party opportunities to garner attention, readers, and book sales.
    • Pre-Pub Endorsements
      The celebrities, influencers, and thought leaders whose remarks encourage reviews, attract press, and kick-start your book’s following.
    • Pre-Pub Review Submission
      Review consideration for your title from traditional and indie review houses that require your material prior to publication.
    • Post-Pub Review Acquisition
      Review consideration for your title from standard review houses and prominent independent reviewers.
    • Virtual Tours
      An online tour with stops at blogs and web sites over a thirty-day period, featuring unique content at each stop. Elevates Google page rank and improves Amazon sales rank.
    • Ground Tours
  • Author Events
  • Article Syndication 
    Strategic placement of an author’s articles.  Byline leaves a bread trail to the book’s web site. Establishes nonfiction authors as experts.
    • Radio, TV, Print & Online Media
      A proprietary pitch with a hook for your material, delivered to media & content producers to obtain offers for interviews and features.
    • Newswire Launches
      A press release launched to premium news outlets that aligns the issues & topics in your book with a current event. Attracts journalists.
    • Comprehensive Book Publicity Campaign
      The execution of your book platform.
    • Book Shepherding & Book Marketing Consulting
  • Webinars, Live Workshops & Conference Presentations

How to Hire a Book Promo Pro

Above mentioned services are a proven means to author’s success. Specializing in book marketing for authors of biography, memoir, autobiography, self-help, how-to and spiritual books for many years has honed the marketing craft. Historical fiction publicity is a passion.

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