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I create pre-pub marketing campaigns for nonfiction authors and historical novelists who are 4-6 months prior to publication.

What could the best book marketing bring you?

Best Book Marketing

Imagine that today is your release date. You check your Amazon sales rank and discover you’ve got a bestseller on your hands, while five-star reviews pile up right before your eyes. 

On your cell, friends and family are texting their congratulations, saying they can’t wait to buy multiple copies of your book at your live launch in a couple of weeks.

You want your book to be a success, but aren’t sure what steps you need to get you there.

Plus, wouldn’t you rather be spending your time writing your next book instead of figuring out how to promote this one? I get it. Let me help you put the best book marketing in place for your nonfiction book or historical novel. 

The best book marketing starts with a solid plan of action. I’ll guide you through my proven process to launch your book into the world.

Best Book Marketing

The Best Book Marketing Process

Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing
Best Book Marketing

My name is Stephanie Barko

…and my alchemy is turning manuscripts into saleable books. 

I’ll transform your story into a desirable product.

You can begin with me right after your manuscript is fully edited. I can collaborate with your publisher, help you select one, or help you self-publish your book.

I start by building your book platform, which identifies the forum and the following for your book. Then I guide you through the best book marketing steps to publication.

This work is customized to your project and includes helping you acquire pre-pub endorsements, testing for best keywords, and initializing or augmenting your online platform. I then request pre-publication reviews for your galley, prepare you to launch, and recommend book award competitions to enter.

Over the last 15 years, I have brought hundreds of debut and established nonfiction authors and historical novelists’ stories to market, resulting in several Amazon bestsellers. 

This is what having the best book marketing has the potential to do for you. 


Are you ready to turn your writing into a book that will sell?

Latest Work

“Stephanie used her extensive contacts and knowledge to put my name and book forward in every possible social media venue. Very important to me, she kept me up to date on everything she was doing, guiding and directing me. She followed up with every blogger and venue, and made sure everything was correct. Stephanie Barko is the best possible publicist I can imagine. The words “above and beyond” hardly tell the story.”

Barbara Crane

author When Water Was Everywhere

“Stephanie is a creative strategist with her finger on the pulse of the literary industry. I’ve found her to be smart and easy to work with. If Stephanie were a movie, I’ve give her two thumbs up.”

Larry Brill

author The Patterer

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