Frequently Asked Questions

I’d love to collaborate with Stephanie as my book publicist but she doesn’t take my genre. Would she be open to answering some general questions so I can find my way from here?

Yes. Book a private phone consult by clicking here.

Can Stephanie help me figure out how to get published or help me decide which book publishing track (traditional, hybrid or indie) is best for my book?

Yes. Book a private phone consult by clicking here.

I know Stephanie is a pre-pub specialist, but does she offer any post-pub services?

Yes, but only to authors who were clients when their book was pre-pub.

How do I know if I can afford to hire a book publicist?

If you don’t have at least $2,500 in your marketing budget, then plan on marketing your book yourself.

Will Stephanie connect me with literary agents?

No, but I can share the best way to meet agents in person. And I’m happy to connect you with editors who like to write query letters. Book a phone consult to discuss.

I’d love to work with Stephanie, but my book is already released. Can she help me decide what to do next? Does she have trusted partners that she could refer me to?

Yes. Book a private phone consult by clicking here.

What is the best time to request Stephanie’s client application?

The best time is 4-6 months prior to release, after your manuscript is edited, and you’ve selected your book publishing track.

Do I need to have a firm release date before signing on for a pre-pub campaign?

Usually, but it depends on your book publishing track.

What if I write a genre that Stephanie takes and it’s the right time to approach her, but I don’t see the service listed that I want to purchase?

Request a client application and detail what you are seeking in your answer to Question # 18.

I don’t have the budget to hire a book publicist. Can I get a checklist of what I need to do to market my book?

Yes. Book a phone consult with me by clicking here.  As soon as you have identified your publishing track, I can customize a book marketing checklist for you.

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