Schedule a Phone Consult with Stephanie

This 45-minute private consult is for you if:

Publishing Consultant

You want direct help from a publishing consultant to decide which publishing track is best for you, i.e. traditional, hybrid or indie.


You have questions about the publishing industry or the publishing track you’ve chosen.


You have a finished manuscript and want to know what to do next.


You can’t afford to hire a book publicist but would like to speak with a consultant about what you can do on your own.


You want to discuss a project outside my area of specialization.

Choose your time

Thank you for your detailed advice by phone on approaching literary agents, Stephanie. With your recommendations, I can narrow down my search and locate the agent who can connect me to the right publisher for my novel.

- a college professor in Oman

The virtual assistant you recommended is maintaining my social media accounts, and since she is also a published author, has become my sounding board. Thanks for all your help, Stephanie. I couldn’t be happier!

- a published memoirist near San Francisco

That was great! May I book more phone consults with you from time to time as my project progresses toward being ready to hire you?

- an executive producer in Marin County

It is always a pleasure to talk to a woman who knows her stuff. Thank you for your generosity, Stephanie.

- a novelist shopping her manuscript from Vermont

Through your reference list and our associated conversations, I have found the very editor who will be just perfect for my book. Thank you, Stephanie!

- an aspiring Texas memoirist

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