Are you finished writing your book, but not sure what to do next?

Let me show you how to market a book to sell.

You want your book to be successful, but you realize now that writing your book was only the first step. Where are the readers for your book hanging out? And when you find them, how do you get them excited to buy your book before it comes out? 

You realize that you are entering an industry you know nothing about and you don’t want your hard work to fall flat. You want your book to have the greatest opportunity for success.

The only problem is, you aren’t sure the exact steps you need to take to make this happen. 

You want to know how to market a book the right way! I’m Stephanie Barko, and I’m here to set up your book for success.

Imagine with me for a moment that today is your release date. You wake up and check your Amazon sales rank and find that you’re a subcategory bestseller! 

As five-star reviews upload in real time, you grab a cup of coffee and your cell, where your nearest and dearest are texting their congratulations, saying they can’t wait to buy multiple copies of your book at your live launch in a couple of weeks.


After you and I work together, this can be your reality.

To sell a lot of books, you need to first make sure your book is marketable.

How do you make your book marketable? 

As your book publicist, I’ll guide you through every single step you need so you’re able to build your audience and sell more books.

I’ll help you build your book platform, acquire quality pre-pub endorsements, build your web presence, blog, and social infrastructure, differentiate your book, request book reviews and hold your hand through the entire process. As we work together, you’ll know exactly how to market a book to sell. 

I specialize in nonfiction and historical fiction by authors who have completed their book, but haven’t yet published because they want to do it right. If that’s you, and you want to make sure you take the right steps that will allow you to successfully launch your book, then you’re invited to apply to work with me. After I review your application, you will receive a custom Pre-Pub Book Marketing Proposal.


For best results, we need to start 4-6 months prior to your release date, so it’s important to get into my rotation as soon as your book is through editing.

I Specialize in working with authors who want to know how to market a book in one of two Distinct genres:

Nonfiction Authors

Historical Novelists

These are all the genres & sub-genres I specialize in:








Self help






Social science


Coming of age






Historical fiction


Body mind spirit

“Stephanie Barko is the consummate professional who helped me build and execute a book platform that took my debut novel into the realm of bestseller. A proven publicist, her organized and forward-thinking approach gives novice and experienced authors alike a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive and evolving publishing industry. She is my first call when preparing to publish a new novel.”

I do things differently…

Working with me, you won’t get lost in a big agency, and your publisher will stop ignoring you.

Together, we’ll fix every issue that could derail your book before it goes to galley. I’ll make sure your book gets noticed in ways you don’t even know to ask for.

After working together:


The story you’ve brought me sings because it’s been edited by the best in our industry.


Your book is more likely to be profitable because you have a cover that sells.


Your galley is accepted for pre-pub review because you have elite endorsements.


Your website is on Google page one because you used the right keywords.


Every blog post you write gets indexed because you know how to write for Google.


You’re building a list that connects you to your readers.


Your book attracts post-pub reviews because your pre-pub reviews are impressive.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Barko

I’ve been helping nonfiction authors and historical novelists launch books for 15 years. When you seek to publish a book, you enter an industry that is changing every day. Just as you expect your accountant to keep on top of tax laws each year, you can depend on me to keep up with what it takes to create the most marketable version of your book based on current trends.

Let’s get your manuscript off your desk and into the marketplace!

This is for you if:


You’re a debut author looking for a proven, turnkey solution that works.


Your nonfiction or historical novel manuscript is edited and ready to publish


This is your first book and you don’t know the steps to publication


You have launched a book that didn’t perform well and you want to do it right this time

“Stephanie Barko is a powerhouse of activity and the most competent professional I have ever worked with. This is my second book and Stephanie is my third publicist, yet the most efficient and reasonably priced. I dreaded promoting myself and my book, but Stephanie made it seem like fun. The bonus is that I like her a lot–lucky me!”

Client Books

“Our book was languishing for lack of a marketing plan but when we enlisted Stephanie’s help, things turned around in a hurry. The book was soon in libraries, widely reviewed in high profile periodicals, and featured in major newspapers. Stephanie also increased our visibility on the internet, which resulted in a dramatic upswing in sales. Our personal appearance schedule also grew, all thanks to her hard work and tenacity. Stephanie was a pleasure to work with every step of the way!”

Jim Boylston

co-author, David Crockett in Congress

Act Early

You’ve heard the disappointment in authors’ voices from those who waited until after their book was published to think about marketing.

THAT’S TOO LATE! And it’s why their book didn’t sell.

The time to properly edit, design, endorse, review and position your book to sell is BEFORE it hits the market. 

You want someone on your team at least 130 days prior to release who knows how to market a book–someone who is thinking about nothing but marketing your book to sell. If you are traditionally published, this person is your Supplemental Publicist.

It’s never too early to start your

book platform

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