Ten Questions to Develop Your 2022 Writing Goals
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Ten Questions To Develop Your Writing Goals

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Answering the ten questions below will help you develop your writing goals.

Are the questions a definitive list of what you want to ask yourself? No.
Are the questions going to change your life? No, but they could change your year and provide some support.
Are the questions going to help you figure out what you need to do to get where you want to go with your writing career? Yes.
Will the questions scare you or will they motivate you? Probably both.
Is it best to skip the questions you can’t answer and keep going or do them in order? Don’t skip the first two.
Is this a test? Can you fail it? You only fail if you don’t start.
Can I start tomorrow? Start right now.

Why do we set goals anyway?
It’s actually a group thing.
We set goals because knowing what your aim is
and how your goals will help get you there not only molds your efforts,
but points others around you in the same direction.
Motivated folks motivate others.

Answer these ten questions
to help set your writing goals for 2022.

Sharing your goals increases your motivation.

1. What is the top priority for my writing career in 2022?
2. For this priority, what will I drop or do more of in 2022?
3. Who do I need to partner with to accomplish my goals?
4. What do I want to learn this year to enhance my career?
5. Which agents & editors conferences will I attend?
6. For which book festivals will I apply to be a featured author?
7. What prizes and awards will I compete for?
8. What will I do to increase engagement with my readers?
9. What do I need to delegate?
10. By what date do I intend to accomplish each of my goals?

Don’t forget to share your goals with a Comment below!

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  1. My main goal is to hike Patagonia, video the trek, and write a travelogue as its soundtrack.

  2. My goal is to finish writing and to publish the second book in the Tottenville History series. A step I took was to hire an Author Virtual Assistant in January to do the promotion for sales and reviews of the first book that I was doing alone. The hours this has freed up for me already have been put to good use writing.

  3. Hiring that VA to promo your backlist was a smart move, and now you’re moving forward on your frontlist. Authors in progress take note! If you need a VA with publishing experience, I’m glad to provide referrals.

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