A January To-Do List for Authors, Part III


As promised, here is your second to-do for January.

Decide which book festivals you want to appear at during 2011.

Some festivals are so easy to get into that all you have to do is pay to exhibit.
Others are so competitive that you need to apply nine months out with the best press kit money can buy.
Target at least one of each.
My suggestion would be to pick festivals that you think would be open to letting you present. You can meet a lot of readers at once during a short time at a festival,
but presenting really raises your brand and establishes you as an expert. You meet people and establish respect at the same time.

There are so many book festivals to choose from and you can’t do them all so survey the possibilities and pick the best ones for your own career enhancement this year.

Check the dates on your calendar.
Explore whether you can book an author event in that city while you’re there to help pay for the trip.
Is there another author who might want to go in with you on an exhibit and perhaps carpool?
Maybe it’s someone who would cover the exhibit while you’re presenting.

If you need a list of upcoming festivals, check this blog’s archives for the list I compiled last year of spring fests in the Southwest.

Comment below and share with one another what book festivals you’re planning to attend this year.

And come back Sunday for your next to-do.

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  1. Books ‘n Authors ‘n All that Jazz IX, Weatherford College, April 30, 2011

  2. The British Council has a page that links to numerous festivals, http http://www.britishcouncil.org arts-literature-literary-festivals.htm
    UK literary festivals far too many to list here throughout the UK.

  3. Harrogate is a definite for me and I might make it to one of the other festivals too – Im thinking either Edinburgh or Bangor.

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