Book Platform: Three Critical Elements

    Three book platform elements are critical to author infrastructure:

    • website
    • blog
    • social media

    As an author, your website is your digital home where you and your books live. You want to keep the front door open so readers and the media can always find you and your books.

    Your blog is where you train Google to find and follow you. You do this through the strategic use of keywords and phrases in your blog post titles, writing, and tags. Yoast plugin can auto-optimize your posts, making it easier to create effective content quickly.

    Your social suite is the collection of social media profiles that you initialize and maintain to directly communicate with your current and future readers. The platforms you select to socialize on should be the ones your prospective readers are interacting on.
    book platform element - website book platform element - social mediabook platform element -blog

    Book Platform Elements

    Although it takes time to create a website, initialize social profiles, and become proficient at blogging, you will find it’s worth it when your opt-ins build and your social following increases. 

    Sometimes authors balk at having to write a blog. If that sounds like you, then find another way to stay in touch with your readers and following. Perhaps you can send out a tip of the week for writers. Maybe you want to create a single page newsletter that is mostly images and quotes–something that is quick for you to assemble and easily consumable.  

    These three book platform elements – website, blog & social suite – are fundamental to having a place to send the media and your readers. The first thing I do for debut authors is create their book platform, and the second thing we do is start constructing their website and blog.

    You can’t build a skyscraper without a firm foundation and you can’t support a bestseller without strong author infrastructure under it. Hiring a web designer who specializes in author sites is the first step and well worth the investment.

    When it comes to your social suite, though, it’s best to get your voice in your profiles before handing that off to a social maintenance person. Then the person you hire can copy your style and pick up on your priorities.


    Remember to begin your career with these three book platform elements–website, blog & social media. These three are fundamental to having a place to greet the media and your readers.


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