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Art Mills, award winning author of The Empty Lot Next Door, is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan and requesting print books for he and his fellow troop members. Art says that “most of our books are old and worn-out, indicating people read them and hand them to others. If I place books on a book shelf, people rush right to them. It’s nice to know people back home still care after ten years.”  

You may donate new books, used books, or your own galley or book. If you send more than one copy of the same title, it will be donated to another unit through Books for Soldiers.

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  1. Stephanie…I’m rich with books, but short on cash flow right now. Never before idea pops up, and I’m thrilled to participate.

  2. EXCELLENT idea!! Thanks, Stephanie, for the suggestion. I’m going to clean out my bookshelves and get some over there. My son served in Afghanistan back in 2002, and I know how appreciative the soldiers are of anything like this!

  3. Can’t believe this opportunity showed up just as I cleaned out my library and have stacks of books on the floor looking for a new home! Thanks ever so much for sharing this with us. Every author out there should want to send at least two of their own books, right?

  4. I live near Bee Caves Road. Can I just drop books off? I have a large stack of relatively current fiction. Will cost me a fortune to ship.

  5. Thank you for the great information. I reported this on my website. I will do a post for Twitter and Facebook too.

  6. Thank you so much for this information, Stephanie. I am literally crying at the moment after reading this. Any topic and help when it comes to our troops and their family’s is one that touches my heart the most. OpGratitude is following me on twitter, but I haven’t been there in a long time so I hope that hasn’t changed. My followers are focused on only one thing/person, whom I Love, but there are other things which is one reason I stepped away. Sadly I don’t think this will touch them as it does us. I’ll send this there and to my FB page and hope. I do have a lot of books so as soon as I can get to my storage unit I would so Love to contribute. I’ve been bedridden for almost two years so I hope you can understand if I’m a bit slow moving on this. One of the reasons why I have the time to be on the PC all day long…..but I need to do the storage unit thing a little at a time while I’m rehabilitating. What a wonderful blog. 🙂 THIS is what I cherish…..finding avenues to help our troops, the homeless, anyone in need any way I am able!! Wonderful….Thank you!

  7. I knew I read this somewhere, and then the likeliest place–your blog–finally dawned on me. Thanks for the address, got a few books picked out, and they are going into the mail. Paul

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